von Kwangnam Ko

Today between 11 AM - MIDNIGHT

How to watch the films

1. Click on the film poster you’d like to watch or visit www.koreanfilmweek.net
보고 싶은 영화 포스터를 클릭하세요.

2. Sign up with your name and email address by clicking “Create Account” in the top (If you made an account last year you can log in with your old account)
화면상단 우측 ‚create account‘ 클릭 후 등록하세요.(이메일/이름 기입)

3. Choose a film and press “Rent”
‚Rent‘ 버튼을 클릭하세요.

4. Read the pop-up notification and click ”Rent” one more time
팝업 안내문을 읽은 후 다시한번 ‚Rent’를 클릭하세요.

Enjoy the movies!

*Notice: Films are only available for viewing in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia
오스트리아, 독일, 스위스와 슬로베니아에서만 영화 시청이 가능합니다.



To start the Korean Film Week 2021 off, we invited 4 experts on Korean cinema to hold a panel discussion. Sanja Struna and Igor Harb from Slovenia, as well as Alexandra Schiefert and Rosemary Libby from Austria are not only talking about the movies shown during this year’s Korean Film Week, but also about what makes Korean films and Korean comedy so special and give recommendations of other Korean movies and TV-Dramas.